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just yesterday, i read a blog on last days of college life. This blog really got me thinking about my college life during my undergraduation and the one now that i am having as a post-graduate.
I really mean when i say i am stuck in the middle, because for me, my second stint at college is not as 'fun' as the first one and i am missing the 'life' of an employed bachelor!

Few changes that i have seen in myself (and other grad students) is the greater maturity. For once, I never think of 'bunking' a class, and everyday i wake up at 7 in the morning to attend the first lecture wheras as an undergrad, 'bunking' was the only thing i did. i remember attending only one class in one whole week, the rest of the time spent chilling at the canteen. But somehow, at the grad level, something from inside me kicks me to the classes, tells me the onus is on learning and rewards come for hard work.

As an undergrad, 'making' friends was probably the easiest things to do. I still remember my first day few days in the hostel, i would just barge into any open room, strike up a conversation and make new friends ( it also helps if your senior wants you to give a list of all the students in the hostel or worse, ask about name, place , branch of any arbit batchmate), but now as a grad student, i have spent 6 months in the hostel, and i know only a few people by name and worse, even with those people, my only conversation seems to be Oh! you got the solution to that problem, i got stuck when..., i dont seem to know if my 'art' of being friendly is lost or it is just that way in grad school.

even i surprised myself, when while 'writing' this article in my mind, i said to myself, i am doing all the college work sincerely in grad school, really trying to understand the subject (and not merely trying to pass it) and really working hard.

finally, six months of grad school and i watched one movie in the theatre (that too after the exams got over) and watched loads of friends and seinfeld all alone in my room, to take breaks from studying. this was quite unlike me, i was there every friday at the theatre, used to watch whole movies when i used to study for a break.

at the same time, i seem to be missingg all the fun ( even though a whole week of torture comes with it) of a bachelor who earns 20k a month. From what my friends tell me, it is awesome!

i really do not know if this is what all grad students go through ( people in the US have a different experience, coz it is something totally different to stay ALL alone, cook for yourself blah blah..),

what i actually mean is that do we change so much that we stop caring about things we liked and loved a lot. This keeps happening though, i would have written a similar blog during transition from school to college, but then i kept my 'loves' with me, watching cricket and movies, reading a book a week etc etc.
now in grad school, i have finished 2 books in the whole semester.

the only thing that i have added to my hobbies ( for which i am finiding it difficult to spare time) is blogging!!
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On 1:33 PM , 'Me' said...

All of us look back upon our past and feel nostalgic.... be it about school days in college or about college days while working...
Life is never the same... and we just gotta live with our 'present' and feel happy that we spent those wonderful moments in the past....
I bet, once u r done with ur studies, u would earn more than ur frnds and have a much better life....
remember, "jo bhi hota hain, hamare achche ke liye hi hota hain" :)

On 10:50 AM , crazy diamond said...

i completely agree with "me" ... life moves on ... enjoy it!!!

in fact u should feel good that u had the courage to pursue higher studies in the tech field ... very few ppl do that ... most go for jobs or mba ...