12:48 AM | Author: kaushik
I have given in to the temptation to move to Wordpress. Unlike, many other people, I do not have much complain with blogger. It allowed me to what I want to do efficiently and cleanly. But, just that I wanted a change. I might, probably will, come back to this address after a few years on wordpress...

But still, this blog, is going to remain special for me. It is like your first home. I have stayed in so many different homes, but still the Vishal apartment in Kolkata is the special home that I always remember about. But you do have to move on!

So, the new link is http://kaushiknarasimhan.wordpress.com

The comments on my blog is what is keeping me wanting to blog more. So, people who do come and read here, please don't feel sad that I have changed address!
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