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last sunday, i went to tirupati to meet lord balji.
In the long queue waiting for my appointment with the lord, i met this really perfect girl.

the whole story goes like this
waiting in the sitting room, i saw a really beautiful girl. By Beautiful, I mean the kind of females you see in movies and all. So, with nothing better to do ( i was all alone in the trip), i looked at a her for a couple of minutes, and then her husband ( thts wht i guess, ino one brings their gf to tirupati) came. This made this beautiful girl move from her seat, and then i saw her, seated in front of her, my perfect girl.
She was exactly the girl i have always seen in my dreams. I was just spellbound and i dont know for how long we were seated after i saw her.
But, then the gates were opened and a mad rush to the gates ensued. I got into the crowd and lost her. But sometime later, when the pushing and pulling came to an end, i was surprised to see her standing right next to me.
The next four hours that followed were like magic. But the shy fellow that i am, i could not strike a conversation with her, while making thousands of imaginary ones in my mind.
and, now, when i think about describing her, i am so short of words.

so there it is, i saw the one girl, who was till now anonymous, who i used to see in my dreams almost everynight inside a temple, something i never expected would happen, and now, i know that she exsists but i cannot find her, because i know nothin about her.
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On 3:38 AM , debu chow said...

hi man, totally filmi post.