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i dont know what to say...
our first semester results were declared today.
our insti has a rule that the CPI of post-doc students should not fall below 6 and if it does so, then that person has to discontinue the course.
so, none of us really thought that anyone will fall below 6 as most of the professors, are generally linient in their grading.
but today, in front of my eyes, two students got the death blow and I was caught in no mans land. You see, my grades turned out to be very impressive and turned out that my CPI was the highest in the class. So there I was, trying to sound sorry for them, wanting to help them out but uable to hide my bouyont feelings. I do not even want to write about how i behaved...but i think i can be excused.
coming back to the rule, on the journey back home in the train, i was just wondering what turn their life will take. surely, they cannot tell anyone that they came winners in the cut-throat competition to the IITs nor can they tell anyone that their performance was so pathetic that they had to expelled from the institution!!
There was this guy, D, who had taken a sabbatical from the college where he teaches so that he can finish his m.tech and go back and teach again. But today afternoon, all he could do was stare blankly at the wall, trying to figure out what can he do with his life, and to add to his woes, just in the begining of the semester, he became the father of a baby boy!!!
in that moment, all i could say was 'jo bhi hota hai, achacha ke liye hi hota hai', my stock dialogue for sticky situations

May GOD help them
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On 11:16 PM , crazy diamond said...


i can empathise with u here ... i know exactly how it feels when u come out on the top and some of our friends dont do too well..

nyways ..re: ur comment on my blog, i know wat life is in an engg. coll, my bro studied at IIt Madras and I have spent a week there. Frankly speaking i started hating commerce guys more after that.

from where did u do ur engg?

u cud just mail me n we cud be in touch thru mails rather than thru comments!!!

On 1:13 PM , 'Me' said...

Hi kaushik,
Visited ur blog for the first time...
u know... whenever I face any confused situation or I face disappointment, the only dialogue i keep telling myself is "jo bhi hota hain, hamare achche ke liye hota hain"... felt nice to read that in ur post...
anyways, cya arnd....