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Over the past two weeks, I have setteled into a nocturnal time table. I sleep from around 430 in the morning to around 12. After lunch, take a nap and then start studying for the exams from around 6 in the evening. The study session goes on till about 1 in the night, to be follwed by a movie for the night. Having gotten used to this weird time table, I got a jolt when I had to wake up at 8 AM for a 9'o clock exam this morning. Needless to say, I was totally exhausted (with just around 4 hours of proper sleep and an exam) by the time for lunch, and dozed of as soon as I came back to my room after lunch.

This is where the
Supernatural happening takes place. Soon after I am deep asleep, I get a dream.

I dream that I am eating in the mess, and suddenly, the most melodious of songs sung in the sweetest of voice flows through the mess over the PA system. I quickly finish lunch and rush towards my room, to see that an old lady is singing accompanied by a beautiful young girl on the veena, right next to my room. I stand mesmerized by their song, which seems to be carnatic music. The song is about 5 minutes long. After the song is over, they get up and leave.

My sleep suddenly breaks at this point. I wake up and still am mesmerized by the song I heard. And at that moment, I frankly thought that the song was the holy grail for melody and that voice was the most beautiful voice ever.

It felt as though, some thought or some soul (proably of that old lady) had drifted into my room, and connected with my brain and played this amazing song to me.

There is no way else, I can explain this dream. It was about two people, I did not recognize, singing a song that I have probably never heard before, and the song itself, is so beautiful that it touched a chord in my heart. But still, tired, I was and I tried getting back to sleep.

Asleep again, I tried really hard to recreate that song. I managed to get the images of the ladies, but that song did not come. Getting irritated, I made those two sing rock, pop, bhangra etc etc, and in a few minutes, woke up disgusted.

I just did not sleep after that.
And whatever, that song that I heard, is still lingering on inside me. Totally unbelievable.

Since, I have already started about songs, I will just post the lyrics of my current favourite song. Its been playing on loop since the past few days on my computer. It is called If you see her, say Hello, sung by Bob Dylan.

If you see her, say hello, she might be in Tangier
She left here last early spring, is livin' there, I hear
Say for me that I'm all right though things get kind of slow
She might think that I've forgotten her, don't tell her it isn't so.

We had a falling-out, like lovers often will
And to think of how she left that night, it still brings me a chill
And though our separation, it pierced me to the heart
She still lives inside of me, we've never been apart.

If you get close to her, kiss her once for me
I always have respected her for busting out and gettin' free
Oh, whatever makes her happy, I won't stand in the way
Though the bitter taste still lingers on from the night I tried to make her stay.

I see a lot of people as I make the rounds
And I hear her name here and there as I go from town to town
And I've never gotten used to it, I've just learned to turn it off
Either I'm too sensitive or else I'm gettin' soft.

Sundown, yellow moon, I replay the past
I know every scene by heart, they all went by so fast
If she's passin' back this way, I'm not that hard to find
Tell her she can look me up if she's got the time.

And another couple of lines that I cant just get out of my mind:

My hands are tied
My body bruised, she's got me with
Nothing to win and
Nothing left to lose

from the song With or Without you by U2.

got another test tomorrow....the last one which i have to write seriously!!!

Saw this video on google videos recently.....

Aha!!! Two more RVCE bloggers in the net....check out Raut and Samarth!!!
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On 1:12 PM , Vivek Kondur said...

Hey Kaushik!

Thanks! for dropping by my blog. This posts reminds me of exam days during my college years. I really love taking eXams & clearing them.

Dreams occur only once mate, u can't recreate the same again.

All the best for u'r final test, do well.


On 8:00 AM , Moi said...

........."Getting irritated, I made those two sing rock, pop, bhangra etc etc, and in a few minutes, woke up disgusted."
hahahahhaha! :)

all the best for the exam! :)

On 10:01 PM , Anna said...

That is one of those most profound videos i have ever seen...
Could you give me the link to it?

And your post is nice as well.. I understand how you feel, because i have had the same kind of dream, only mine was about a book, and try as i might, i couldnt remember the story, and it frustrated me because i had enjoyed it so much in the dream...

On 11:27 PM , Amrita said...

that video was magical..and so was ur post. truly a supernatural experience. dreams can be a rewarding experience some times, no?

On 1:45 AM , Moi said...

how did the exam go?????

On 3:22 AM , Akanksha said...

the video was really nice.. and the dream well it sounds umm.. u kno diferent.. mine r always basically abt my frends or family or totally sci fi where i am battling weird creatyres :D

so urs is well u kno weird fr me .. but i hope u hav it again or better still see that lady and girl again

On 3:57 PM , Moi said...

awesome video: do u have a link to it???????
and have fun! :)

On 1:36 PM , Agarwaen Mormegil said...

hey man,
change of template, i see. nice.
the video was great!!!
but i wonder when those guys would come up with a device that can show our dreams in an audio-visual format. th inventor will definitely get a noble prize. there's no doubt about it.