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Complainant Sudesh Sharma, a resident of Ujhani village, had purchased two bottles of Pepsi from a retail shop near Kashmere Gate in the Capital in year 2003.

He started suffering from severe dyspepsia and headache, followed by insomnia, after drinking from one of the bottles. His condition worsened over a period of time and he had to seek medical treatment.

Meanwhile, Sharma, on inspecting the bottle from which he had drunk, found dirt and other contaminants inside it.

Even worse, Sharma was shocked to find a condom inside the other Pepsi bottle, which was still sealed


Even more shocking was that Pepsi was let off with just Rs 1 lakh as fine.....

It shows total lack of care by the Pepsi for its consumers. For a company which can spend millions in roping in top stars for 30 second adverts, sponsor tournaments etc etc, it is absoultely bewildering that they dont care about the hygene ascpect... firstly there was the story of the lab reports which, has been completely hushed up....i dont think hardly anyone remembers it, and now this. A condom of all things....how insanely crazy it sounds.

At some level, I think that authorities in India are also to blame. I do not think that the Indian counterpart of something like the FDA in the US (wow! i dont even know what it is called!!!) are strong enough, vocal enough to protest against spurious goods, and I am pretty sure, corrupt enough to give the required permissions to products which are below the satisfactory requirements.

Still, surprisingly, I did not see this news on any news channel today.

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On 10:58 PM , SamY said...

n know what? when our own desi ppl come from abroad ... afraif of water contamination they consume only bottled drinks when travelling #-o

I wudn't blame pepsi ... they r running a business n wud do only that which is required ... thats industry

as u rightly put the governance here is least bothered bout endowing quality to it people ... they r more interested in giving free rice / TV n cable c/n when hoards lack basic environ to live in

On 10:31 AM , Anna said...

a condom!!!

That is unforgivable... was it a used one...
sorry for not posting an intelligent comment like the one above... but i am just absolutely grossed out with that condom!

i cant get it out of my head!

On 3:12 AM , Yadhvi said...

The best way to punish them is by saying 'No' to aerated drinks.. Hope the public realises it.

On 9:16 AM , Amrita said...

hi kaushik, pesticides in cola bottles is something that has often been in the news...hmm, my take on the issue...u cannot really pin point ur finger at one particular authority in this case...the funny part is that offlate this trend has become more visible, that colas have pesticides and other stuff in their bottles..according to some sources the the pepsi manufactured and sold in USA has never faced any such accusations and the product quality there, is really good. for so many years, in india too, there was no complaint regarding these cola giant products...now there could be several reasons behind such a case..firstly, in india products undergo some level of adulteration. that is the fault of indian authorities to an extent...another thing is that there could be negligence and ignorance on behalf of Pepsi as well, as they look upon us as a third world country, they think they can feed us their dirt whenever they feel like...so the problem is not only on one end it is on several ends.

On 10:06 AM , The Masquer said...

I really wonder how it happened. How could got a condom get into a soft drink bottle. Pesticides were still ok, atleast we knew how they got there, but a condom??!!!

On 12:04 AM , Akanksha said...

ew ew ew ew...
that is all i can say :/

On 6:34 AM , Mukund said...

u know what, this actually reminds me of a case law we studied in a subject called Torts in law school. In that english case, Donoghue vs. Stevenson, the facts are identical to what u have written except that there was a dead snail in the drink instead of the condom here!! huge damages were awarded to the victim and an important principle of law was laid down!! unfortunately, courts in India havent been as charitable and neither do they award huge damages to the victim nor do they impose any stringent/deterrent punishment on the offenders. As a result, corporates do get away with anything and everything. The Bhopal gas leak case is one such classic case!