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update:well, again i have had no new posts for about a week now. This time it was because I was having loads and loads of fun with my undergraduate friends from RVCE, as we had met up for a reunion in aamchi mumbai. We booked a bus and went to alibaug for fun in the sea, went shopping in mumbai, and chatted and chatted all night long at my house. Even though everyone has gone back to their respective work/classes etc, our minds is having a phase lag and is stuck at the awesome weekend that we had!!


Over the last weekend, I have realized one thing. No matter, how hard you try, you cannot ever construct a wall that cannot be breached, a canyon that cannot be jumped (or even drift galaxies apart)between close friends!( and the vice verca!!). All it takes is just a couple of moments and all is forgiven!

I "got back" couple of my closest friends, bhavani and suku, over the reunion. It had been more than two years that I spoke to them, and all the while, I knew that the new life I was creating for myself, where i kept repeating to myself that I do not need them was just an illusion. But still, many things had been said and done, and I was not ready for picking up the phone and calling them, as it would be very awkward and also very un-natural.

Frankly, I was very skeptical about meeting the two of them before the reunion. Our friendship had gone down the drain, I had avoided them (successfuly, i might add) for two years. It felt to me that it was going to be another very weird "formal" meeting between the three of us. I am pretty sure that they were also thinkig the same way.

But our subconscious had differnet ideas. It seemed like God had played the perfect cards, so that we start talking again and also all the uncomfortable moments of forgiveness/forgiving etc etc are thrown out of the window. Unknowingly, our paths during the two days went in such ways that, now we have realized how much each one of us is worth for eachother. Hopefuly, I do not blow it again!!

The walk to the bank and back with suku (thanks to tension in navi mumbai because of which all the autos were off the road), reminicent of those college days, when we used to walk after dinner, and talk about so many things, will always be very special. And, as I said again, what we talked about was also so much like those good old college days. It felt so great to be talking about such things with him again!

Bhavani has always been a special friend to me, but only I know, how much I have hurt her over the past 4 years, and it so great that she keeps forgiving me again and again. Things got settled, on the evening of the 18th, in the sit-out of my home. We chatted about silly things the same way, we used to do in the canteen in the first year, to break the ice. And over sunday and monday, we even got some time to talk about some delicate issues and settle it there and then!!! It feels great to be back on talking terms with bhavs!!

And hey, Anshu, I am not going to bore you anymore again! I just hope the old days are back again! I know, the catch-22 situation, you have been in, the past two years, and my God, you have done a great job!!

PS: I have read many blogs, where names are subsituted with my friend X and Y etc etc. I purposely avoided that for two reasons. Firstly, all my friends who I know, will immediately know who X and Y are! and for all the people to whom I am an blogger named kaushik, I just feel, that using the names is better!!

Aragorn, I see that you have tagged me (yipeee! i am tagged!!). I will do that tomorrow or the day after.
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