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i keep wondering about those times when innocence was bliss
when an unintentional mistake did not matter
when you forgave your friends in a matter of minutes
and now i think of today
when a single unintentional mistake separates friends like two galaxies
when forgiveness has been wiped out of my dictionary

if this is what it means to become mature with age
then i am happy immature and innocent

why am i writing this?
Every few days, i have this urge to forgive couple of my closest friends for all that they have done and to ask for forgiveness for all that I did, for all the troubles we have caused eachother because of being so selfish

but, just as i pick up the phone, log in to my mail, something inside me says that reforging the friendship is probably the worst of your ideas, because you have drifted so far away, and you have said so many bitter things to them that it will not be possible for them to forgive you.......
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On 12:48 AM , Neema! said...

Hey there.....I have drifted apart from some of my closest friends too.....But yeah, there is something that stops me from going back and renewing the relationship.....probably because I perceive things would have changed with them ....But, There are times when I ve called up some old buddies.......some are intrested and we become close again and some people suddenly become acquaintances rather than old friends!No regrets there.........:-)

On 12:24 AM , anshupratik said...


I dont know what forced you to write this blog but after reading it only person came in my mind.... and you know who. if that is why you wrote this blog then once again I can say only one thing. Give a shot!!! you never know when things works out for and if your ego is coming inbetween and you cant forgive people then forget it.
It is a closed chapter now. lets not start it again. your happiness is in your hand and I have full confidence in you. SO no matter what decision you take, I am with you, though even i miss those talks what we three had together, but I guess those days are over now.

Hard to believe but I dont have any other option, do I?

take care