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i just learnt (i seem totally stupid that it took me so long!) to post pictures and links on my blog, and I AM going to overdo it on this one!!!
tried it out 5 minutes ago, clicked preview, did not like the preview and clicked back again but the blog was missing, so gotta do it again.
Downside: was in the mood for writing two blogs back to back (to showcase all my newly learnt skills), but right now..mood chala gaya!!

anyways, back to the blog, ladies tennis is so beautiful, even more so when the powerful 'animal' tennis players: the williams sisters are OUT ( awesome!)...

just loved the lady who lost to davenport...kirilenko (plays well, looks great)

Hantuchova, i think is the most beautiful tennis player around! and to add to my happiness of just watching her play, she mothered serena today!!! (sone pe suhaga!!!)

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