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Imagine you know that you are going to die in a week. How would you react? What would be the thoughts that will go through your mind, leading to that hour of reckoning.
What would you want to say to the people that matter most to you: your parents, dearest friends, family?
Whay would they say to you?
Would you repent your mistakes?
Would you resent yourself?
What would you do to free your mind of your guilt?
Would you CELEBRATE your life?

These are some of the questions that I started munching on after i finished watching tim robbins "dead man walking". This is a powerful movie about the final days of a person sentenced to life, and how a nun, leads him calmly to his death.
The performances are brilliant. Sean Penn as the convict is just mind blowing. Specially, the final moments. He has captured the emotions of a person who knows the exact second his breath will stop brilliantly. Towards the final scenes, his potrayal of accepting his guilt and all is GOD level!
Susan Sarandon has also given a powerful performance as the nun, and spiritual advisor of penn.
Truly, not only has the film elevated film making onto a different plane, it will make you, as the viewer, sit up and think.

One of the moments for me in the movie was when matthew's family had come to visit him for the one last time. Each one of them were trying to smile and trying to talk happy things, hoping to ease one another of their pains. Finally, when matthews mother talks about the inevitable, they just become quite. Then, they show the clock ticking away for somethin like two hours. The Silence said everything yet nothing. When finally the policeman come to tell that the time for visitin is over, mathhew shouts back telling there is still 15 minutes left. It was such a touching scene, a guy asking for 15 last minutes with his family.

well, i will leave you with a quote (read by susan sarandon from the bible)
Know the truth and the truth shall set you free
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On 5:39 AM , Shikha said...

Read the book Veronica decides to die by Paulo Coelho..has a similar theme

On 11:17 AM , kaushik said...

@shikha: thanks, i would certainly do that.
Thanks for stopping by my blog
hope to cya around