1:38 AM | Author: kaushik

She looked out of her window.

The lone street-lamp lit up a small patch of the space, and she watched snowflakes dance in the light as if fell, slowly, swirling, as if never wanting to touch the ground.

On a whim, she wore her winter jacket and gloves and cap, opened the window, and let the cold wind touch her.

Simon and Garfunkel were singing on her iPod, 'I am a rock, I am an island...', and a brave man, or a desperate man, drove past in his SUV on the road.

She froze time around her. She rewound time, and saw the last 4 years, in reverse.

The iPod shifted to Coldplay singing 'You've been living life inside a bubble...'.

The voice of insanity, the voice of hope, the voice of adventure, the voice of instinct, the small voice deep inside her heart, spoke again.

This time, she listened.

She had waited enough for the moment that will change everything to come. She decided that this was the moment.

She unfroze time, got onto the website, and got those tickets to freedom.

The iPod, shifted seamlessly to Rahman singing 'Yeh jo des hai tera...'

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On 5:22 AM , unpretentious said...

:)oh how i wish we all could listen to our inner voice and be impulsive decision maker. the pain of conditioning by the society

On 1:41 PM , Moi said...

:) I think I am ready to go back........economy or no economy!!!! :)

Long time Kaushik...and you are like just a couola hrs drive away ....in fcat we have been to and fro Madison 4 times now I think ...it's always a last minute plan......did i tell you that i love the young energy of your school town...particularly the weekend market around the campus.......and all those eateries...... :)

and i never answered you on Tennessee question, did I? We went to Smokies......didn't visit other parts of TN at all........so if you are ehaded to Smokies during Thanksgiving, I can send you all possible details...I did a through research before I left :)

Let me know!!!! :)

On 6:24 PM , kaushik said...

That would be great!! We are planning to hit Nashville as well to get some country music magic into our souls!

Next time you come to madison, let me know.


On 2:37 PM , Anu said...

Wish I could be that girl.. just buy the tickets and get back home!
Till then I think I will still keep hearing yeh jo des hai tera and driving on the hwys

On 9:02 AM , janani said...

I guess the choice is available to all of us. Unfortunately, most of us prefer to stick on here and then crib about missing India.

Well written!

On 2:16 PM , Moi said...


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Most Important Destinations in the Park

1) Cades Cove (Heavy traffic but easy drive)
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Mileage to Cades Cove: from Cherokee––57, from Gatlinburg––27, from Townsend––9

2) Cataloochee (Challenging drive)
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Mileage to Cataloochee: from Gatlinburg––65, from Cherokee––39

3) Clingmans Dome (For sunset viewing)
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Mileage to Clingmans Dome: from Cherokee––25 from Gatlinburg––23

4) Roaring Fork : Highlights: wildflowers, historic buildings, waterfall walks
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Few Observations:

1) My fav. part of the whole trip was Roaring Fork....it's a little off-beat a path but i loved it, precisely for the same reason.

2) Try and stay in a log cabin: nothing like it!!!!

3) If you can not get a log cabin avoid staying in a hotel in Gatlinburg: unless you approve of all things kitsch and commercial just outside a national park. Honestly, I hated Gatlinburg : it's so crass and more so when you realize it's just outside a revered national park. Townsend is a quieter and far better a place to stay at.

4) Don't forget to drive on Blue Ridge Parkway....it's awesome a drive even if you don't cover the entire length of it.

5) The park has no entrance fees and when you see the state of roads in the park you will wonder how they manage to keep it that well without charging visitors a single penny

Enjoy and have the greatest of the times.....:)

On 2:00 PM , kaushik said...

Thanks a lot!
Unfortunately...the farthest we got to was till Chicago!! Too many constraints to make the TN plan work! some other time maybe :p

On 3:57 PM , Anonymous said...


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