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when you don't have the only thing you desire
when you know you can never have it
when you know you can never hope to have it
when you know you can never hope to hope to have it (and so on)
when you are willing to exchange everything you have for it, but no-one cares
when you live in suspended reality, but the bubble breaks
when you don't care what you achieve
when all you achieved does not make up for what you want most
when even dreams are nightmares
when you are tired of pretending
when you are tired of running away
when you are out of ideas to keep your thoughts occupied

What the heck! I need to crib :(
I have kept so much to myself that this blog is the only place I can crib

What have I?
A budding PhD thesis, thats all.

Heres hoping that some dreams come true!!

(Not that I should complain too much. I am proud of what I achieved so far. I am proud of getting into IIT. I am proud of my career choice. I love 'research'. I am in my dream university. )

(but somethings are never meant to be;
but you keep wondering what-if, if-only, why????)
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On 11:04 AM , OK said...

At the cost of being rude, are you an Mtech from IIT? You write about IIT like you one;).

Lets face it. IIT can't hold a candle to the universities here:). The courses are far better. The Prof.s are more organized. I am not denying the fact that there are some excellent ones in IITB.

And, I think so we might have a number of common friends.

And, I like my grad. studies to my undergrad. No fault of IIT. It was just that my priorities were screwed.

On 12:27 AM , kaushik said...

ya! me a 'matka'...

Well, I have a different opinion only because I know how things can suck outside the IITs...

If you really want to learn, you can do that in IITs also....but you are right, the courses here rock (and break your back)

I drifted into IIT for MTech, but am now loving what I am doing :p

Dhaanks for commenting!

On 9:26 PM , Vinay said...

kya hero?? stuck with ur phd?? no path in sight? welcome to the club!! me too stuck with the same :)

On 9:47 PM , kaushik said...

well that is an interesting observation! but my PhD is hardly out of the starting block :p

I will copy paste this sometime later when my PhD starts frustrating me...till then it is about whatever frustrated me the day i wrote it....