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it has been such a long time since i posted!!!
though i was busy for maybe about 1week of the three week hiatus, a certian jinx were in the way of me and a post!!!

whats the jinx?
mumbai rains hates me!!

last year, first day in bombay had to be 26/7, and by the time i returned to my room in the evening, the room was under water...my mattress and suitcases were happily floating in the water.

this year, the first day of the rains, a lightning strikes somewhere in the vicinity of my hostel, and blows up some parts of the computer of some rooms in the hostel, maybe due to excess surge of current. My computer had to be one!

and finally, two weeks ago, i shifted to a newer-better hostel, and whats the problem...rains have seeped into the switch/router (some thing like that) and thus in some rooms internet will not be working. My super new room just happened to be one of them.

When finally, net starts working on my comp, i had to get busy with my M.Tech report submissions, and when i finally finish that, the govt had to ban blogger.

Last few days were not good for me to blog :-(

anyways, right now, i am in no mood to write, will just put up some pictures of vihar lake, right behind IIT, where we had gone for a walk on monday! the pictures are taken from my mobile, hence the not so good quality!

quite unbelievable that such scenic beauty is there inside bombay!!!
and ya!
couple of weeks ago, amma had to go to chennai, and that left me in the home incharge of the kitchen to try and cook!!!!
day 1: i tried to make aloo sabji and bhindi sambhar. the sabji was fine but instead of bhindi sambhar, i ended up with bhindi rasam.
day 2: teamed up with my cousin to make 'Khichidi" and "pakoda". came out pretty well.
day3: teamed up with appa and cousin, to make 'avial'.....was as good as when amma makes it!!
day4: made khichdi again....have perfected the art of making khichdi now. made baingan bhaja to go with it!!!!!!
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On 5:03 AM , Agarwaen Mormegil said...

the pics are great dude. the rains are fun thouh. as long as they don't mess up things.
and i'm blogging again after a 1 month hiatus. new post is up.
btw, are you in orkut?

On 1:41 AM , Mukund said...

i'm sure the jinx will be broken soon! and the pics are great!!

On 10:22 AM , Moi said...

Haha! When it RAINS misery, it pours, eh?????? :DDDD
the pics are real pretty for a mob phone camera...remind of this one july i spent in bombay......i dont remember a single day for a week that i dint wake up to rains during my stay.......

hey, i'll be in india soon......how do i post on my blog and read others' if i wanna from india?????? whats the way out???

On 7:01 AM , Divya said...

Oh love the rain... miss the rain.. 26/7 was gorgeous!! Sad yes.. but 1 helluva experience... ok bottomline is- I miss Bombay!

On 7:54 PM , Anonymous said...

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