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Another ofshoot of the simply timepass saturday was that murli and I decided to make the sunday a super sunday by trekking in Matheran. So, we were on this local to kurla early in the morning.
Being a sunday, the train was not all that crowded. Infact, in the coach that we were in, there were some empty seats also.

But, for reasons that he only could give, one dude decided that the best way to travel was by keeping just 5 cms of your body inside the coach, and by hanging yourself outside the travelling train, without any solid grip inside the train.
Unfortunately though, it happend to be the last time that this dude could do such a thing. He fell of the train in between mankhurd and govandi and died on the spot.

Well, is such a risk of life and death reccommended to travel in a Local train. Initially, when i came to bombay, i thought people hang like this because well, they have no other choice, but to do it in the crowded trains. But later, I realized that, the window seats inside the train was not the coveted place inside the train, but what was is that 5 cm of foot space inside the train, by the door.....

I have hung out from the train just once, when there was no more space than 5 cms left in the compartment....but this sunday, after seeing death just a few meters from me, i have decided that it will be better to wait for the next train or the one after but to travel hanging from one of them!
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On 1:08 PM , W-Bix said...

you arent to try that....! AT ALL!

my sis used to love it too. have the wind blow in her hair and be some kind of an actress hanging by the door. it used to really freak me out... no wonder she'd be calling me 'freak'.

You be careful on them trains!