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i guess that is going to be my title for posts in which i have nothing to say!

well, i spent a couple of days thinking what shoud i write about in my next blog.....

frankly, i have been trying to write on topics so that i see some extravagent numbers in the comments column!! (justifies the last blog..but hey..i really believe in what i wrote)...

but now, i just suddenly think that MY blog is for myself to write any crap that I wish to write ( i just want to please myself)

so, right now, second semester just started and i am drifting from class to class trying to select the electives which are not much pain and where i can maximize a grade and a prof who can give a good reco..

one thing that has stuck me is that suddenly my 'tastes' as far as the subjects of my interest has changed drastically, i mean some topics which i was desperate to learn during my undergraduate, somehow do not interest me now (i am not even drifting into those classes!!!) and a subject which was not all that dear to me back then has become my first love...i dream of becoming a 'guru' in it!!
the more i think, i am not able to attribute any courses or such in my first sem here that made me change my mind

absolutely bewildering
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On 12:24 AM , crazy diamond said...

getting comments feels good , no doubt ... but then our blogs are for ourselves and not for others ... keep writing even if u dont get comments... as u r doing