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i seem to have forgotten my ID to orkut!!!!!

anyways...got hooked to a book called american childhood today

lately i seem to have got into an addiction which describes childhood.......and it is really awesome

firstly i just cannot stop rereading to kill a mocking bird......scout and jem so much remind me of my sister and myslef
and then i read a postillion stuck by a lightning......this book is by some actor but the way he has depicted his chidhood is just too good
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On 10:22 AM , white_t-shirt said...

reading to kill a mockingbird is like visting a old friend..i will admit i like to read it aloud with the southern accent and all

On 1:02 PM , kaushik said...

@white_t-shirt. catch the movie. though it may not be the same as reading it aloud, but the accent is there and gregory peck as atticus is awesome

On 9:28 AM , white_t-shirt said...

thank you. i have seen the movie many times and i think its great too. when i was a little girl and a black and white movie would come on i would ask my mom "is this one good " she would always ask who's in it. one day i asked about "cape fear" "is this one good mom?" the reply "gregory peck never made a bad movie" i have found this to be pretty much true....peace